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The ninja village of Konoha was quiet in this beautiful summer night. Temperatures were very lenient, although a fresh wind was waving weakly the highest branches of the trees.

In this peaceful environment, the residents slept a peaceful sleep, knowing their safety was ensured by the ninjas keeping places. All tasted with delight to the fruits of peace that reigned for several years, taking advantage of life with serenity.

Yet some don't consider themselves not as lucky, as evidenced by the person who was still awake and which had just left his place of work.

In a residential complex of apartments located in the South of Konoha, a figure sought his keys and searched in the dark to find the lock. After several tries, the door of the apartment opened. The occupant, dorky by hours of intense work, entered his apartment and violently slammed the door. Without restraint, wood closed with brutality, making moan the hinges, daily tested by the lack of sweetness which demonstrated the occupant places, while waking its neighbors.

The occupier in question carelessly threw his keys in a small wicker basket, placed in the middle of a small pedestal table, covered by a mat of elegant lace offered by her parents.

The tenant lit a small flashlight to light indoor dust, leaving the yellowish glow illuminate his features. It was a beautiful young woman, visibly in the beginning of his adulthood. Her cheeks had lost the curves of childhood and were framed by light rings of a soft shade of lilac, which contrasted with her emerald eyes.

The woman sighed las, removing her khaki vest that symbolized her military rank of chunin, before dropping in her chair, breaking without any grace. She spent a callused hand in her pastel hair, removing her red banner, ornate with a stylized leaf.

The young fighter, answering to the name of Sakura Haruno, observed her reflection in the metal plate, while a few pink threads passed before her eyes. In a gesture, she spent her hand on her brow dripping with sweat, plating her rebel hair toward the back of her skull, before unbutton the collar of her blouse scarlet, adorned with a white circle in the back.

Sakura advised her living room table, on which remained a half empty bottle of sake. Liquor was the remnant of an evening with her teacher, during which the two women had talked about the good old days and some anecdotes, slightly drunking.

The kunoichi dozed a few minutes before taking a drink in the comfortable and chooses to pay a generous swig of alcohol. The rice wine exhaled a pungent and invigorating fragrance, while the kunoichi watched the clear liquid at a slight stirring.

Normally, she would have hesitated, knowing that getting drunk to hunt the weariness was deprecated. However, she had an extremely tiring day, including a long and uninteresting, hospital service followed by a surgical operation for more than eight hours, then she needed a way to unpack emergency and a glass of alcohol was the quickest way to do this.knowing that

Sakura emptied her glass in one gulp, feeling the liquid burned her throat. She blew long before the rest of syrupy liquid in the bottle, will suffer the same fate.

The alcoholic fighter felt slightly migraine and quickly regretted his moment of weakness. The nurse found preferable to rest a little, before acting again in a stupid way. With an hesitant step, the girl exhausted and sweaty completly the bathroom towards his bed. Sheets and hot cover were so attractive, she had only one desire, to wallow in his quilt.

Once in her room, the girl however noticed something strange in the room. One of the walls was occupied by a mysterious wardrobe, which was not present that same morning and that she did not recall having made the acquisition. This was even overlap with her closet, so she could not see the value of buying new furniture.

Sakura ran a careless hand on his jaw, feeling his pasty mouth. It retailed at length wardrobe and thought it was definitely a nice piece of furniture. The wardrobe was a large oak furniture, with two beautiful hand-carved doors, whose handles were carefully engineered and surrounded by a finely engraved silver mechanism.

While the drunk and exhausted doctor leaned on the door, she noticed that one of his fingers sank into the metal. A small switch was hidden and she leaned frankly, pressing his index finger to the bottom of the hole. A sharp pain suddenly grabbed her nerves when she noticed a small needle was inserted into its index.

Sakura felt herself stagger, nauseous, while the secret mechanism was setted in motion. A rattling was heard inside the cabinet and cylinders pushed the door, revealing the inside of the wardrobe.

The young woman with malachite eyes barely reacts, as she realized that her body was invaded by a powerful drug, weakening muscles and disrupting the flow of his chakra.

She felt exhaustion seize his powerful physical strength, making her as reactive and dangerous as an asthmatic kitten.

The proud kunoichi, apprentice of Godaime Hokage couldn’t do nothing when a robotic gripper emerged from the machine. The hinged part encircled her neck before tightening his grip slightly strangling captive.

Sakura struggled feebly waving his chest, but her arms seemed lifeless and did not obey her more. Without she could react, the warrior sank sturdy handle like a rag doll and was unceremoniously towed in the cabinet.

The door closed on the kunoichi, magnetically locking and plunging into darkness. Her eyes were not accustomed to the darkness and she panicked, forcing herself to listen to everything around her. She caught the snap locks and the light whir mechanisms before a diode lights.

The small green lights flashed intermittently, casting a faint glow corpse, barely illuminating the metal flashing and inside an exhausting movement for the view, prompting the drugged to ignore. However, those few seconds had enabled her to realize that the place of confinement was much narrower than the furniture left to suggest, when it was seen from the outside.

Sakura panicked, fearing to remain locked up here, weak and powerless. Then she felt a certain claustrophobia invade several clips emerged walls, grabbing the kunoichi at the wrists and ankles, preventing struggling in case it would not have been quite weakened.

- What is that ? she stammered, feeling her legs trembling. What do you want from me ? she pleaded not knowing who she really addressed.

For one answer, the device merely slight buzz before a message is displayed on a monitor.

"Target acquired. Operation Preparation."

- An operation ? weakly stammered the fighting with pink hair, fearing everything that could be done to her. I do not want, let me go!

Her pleas were in vain, while many clamps articulated arms and quickly withdrew the clothes of the kunoichi, tearing the tissues without any bluntly, cutting the leather of her boots and shearing the seam fate to her scarlet top.

Her clothes fell to the ground, quickly evacuated by a powerful suction breath while the back wall of the cabinet unveiled new setbacks. The room in which she was small, but the furniture width was justified by the many hardware caches, which concealed the programs and tools with a sinister murderer appearance.

Sakura felt a small shoehorn lift his left heel, placing a metal shoe with a heel of some ten centimeters under her foot. A steel toe covered her toes, sealing them in small, well-appointed accommodations, while a steel reinforcement maintained her ankle locked, preventing it from moving. Her other foot undergoes the same treatment, making her gaining size and she wondered how she was doing to take on such heels, as she usually wore boots that made for combat.

Sakura was perched in ballet dancer position, feeling that she was precariously balanced and mentally thanked the clamps that prevented him from falling.

Two large metal plates surrounded her lower leg, matching the curve of the calf and forming a wide stiff boot, which restrained the tremors of the young drug addict.

"Installation of sanitary devices."

Sakura softly read the information, only indication of what awaited her before seeing a play curve approach her crotch. The new mechanism seemed adapted to its morphology, matching the figure of her pubis, but two phallic protuberances exceeding to pull her icy sweat that streamed down her spine.

Sakura tried to struggle, but she felt the two cylinders sink in, spreading her muscles before freeze. Both devices were slightly swelled in its intimacy, which can not be removed without being deflated, otherwise tearing her muscles. Sakura saw her pink tuft had disappeared under a thick gray steel, while a slight vibration rang in her, making her blush slightly.

She was an adult and had already had relations of this kind, but the excitement was not, however, earned enough to overcome his fear.

New plates sealed her thighs, clinging to her steel boots and docking to the plate covering the two lower holes. her round and muscular buttocks were completely covered by armor which magnified the form of her post before the gears did operate the mechanical knee joint.

The warrior tried a gesture, spreading her legs outward to chase the two intruders in her, but the metal remained fixed, forming one more. Her movements were defeated, as she realized she could no longer spread her thighs as before.

"Subject resistant. Increased stimulation."

A syringe springs out of the machine, immersing the needle in the carotid artery. Sakura felt a shock pass through, while the toxin paralyse her chakra network. A pain seized her, clenching her body. Her abdomen is stretched forward, as if she was a prostitute pleading to be protruding, and she felt nauseous and fell back.

The girl gasped violently, while the machine placed two circular pieces on her nipples, tensed by cold and apprehension. A small shock springs, exciting her hotspots and more breaking her mental defenses.

"Installing collar. Preparation of spinal installation."

A circular piece slipped at the base of the neck of the kunoichi, lightly squeezing her neck loosely and without disturbing her breathing. A long metallic snake then slid down her back, following the bone structure of her spine before clinging to the toilet facility was housed in the bottom of her kidneys.

"Installing the corset. Compression size."

From the dorsal tube, metal plates were attached to gird her lower body and cover the pale flesh of her stomach, hiding her navel end away from light. The thin metal strips surrounded size, forming a network recalling the underside of the shell of a turtle, before retracting slowly.

Sakura gasped in pain as she saw her abdomen be compressed to the extreme, highlighting her wide hips and giving it an hourglass shape.

- My ... my belly, she gasped, leaving a trickle of saliva slip out of her quivering lips. I can not breathe ...

While she was panicking, she felt her lungs and organs become more tablets in a steel shackles. Her medical knowledge know that such contraction was dangerous to her health and she thanked her training and experience with the chakra, rending her viscera preserved by allowing them to adapt to the extreme. She was usually quite flattering template, but in the extreme tight bodice gave her an almost unreal figure.

As she calmed under the influence of drugs, she felt the vital air rushing into her burning lungs. If she remained docile, she could almost breathe properly and a small part of her mind recognized the evil genius of this plan. If she struggled and excited, she would eventually suffocate and faint. Conscious or not, she would remain inevitably prisoner of this diabolical machine.

"Implementation of the chest armor. Top size choosed."

The steel ties around her members remained locked while a robotic arm couple came with what looked like a thick bib of at least three centimeters. The rear part perfectly followed the form of her rib cage, and the curve of her shoulder blades. The front looked like a heavily armored, with two concave housings. Her breasts slipped into the locations provided for this purpose, although they were slightly crushed. The slight inconvenience which won her chest was however short-lived, as the two pacemakers sealed in two small generators put a slight electric shock, exciting the young warrior. Sakura bowed her head as best she could, feeling the weight of the armor on her shoulders, noting that the chest armor was slightly convex.

The kunoichi felt the butt hang on to her corset, forming one more and she could not help wondering if she could move properly with that extra weight on her body. Unfortunately for her, the machine had not finished and seemed ready to add more steel.

The robotic hands came two strange metal tears that clung to the shield. Sakura thought that if the first layer sublimated his silhouette, these new additions were simply obscene. She had the impression that two half watermelons hung from her chest, pulling her forward and she thanked her ties prevented from tipping over.

A roar tugged her back, pulling her back muscles to force it to stay straight. It was slightly uncomfortable, but it spared her having to feel the spice bite her flesh more.

"Installing gloves. Limitation of mobility."

Other steel plates covered her arms from her armpits shaved down to the wrists. Small screws fixed the elbow, while the gears were welded to pads, restricting the movements of her shoulders to be able to prevent the ample movements. She could not send her arms forward, she had to settle for simple lateral movement, which effectively prevent giving punches, by depriving her of any longer.

Her wrists, held by clips from the beginning, were hung in the exoskeleton. Her palm was blocked in the extension of her forearm and only her fingers were still moving.

Not for so long, she thought, while the machine brought what looked like gloves. Her slender fingers were surrounded by long tubes without joints. One would think this exquisitely gloves sublimated the elegance of which was hidden, but they prevented her from moving her knuckles. Fortunately, the five fingers were separated, leaving her the benefit of her opposable thumb, but she had the impression of being reduced to the status of a crustacean, which can only use rudimentary clamps.

After a finer observation, she noticed that fine cracks on the surface of steel gauntlets seem left the tips of his fingernails. Obviously, this diabolical trap seemed designed to be worn for long periods.

- No ! rebelled Sakura, fighting the effects of the drug that was injected into her. I will not be a machine! I am not a robot !

The machine does not heed the complaints of the captive, or her supplication. The machine continued its program, insensitive to any external intervention, merely doing what it was programmed.

"Joints Test."

Articulated systems elbows and shoulders marched, following the assigned protocol. Sakura knelt, arms prepared in a humiliating position, reminding her that of a submitted dog.

The LED blinked again, before the test is considered successful.

"Mental preparation Control System."

These words terrified Sakura. She struggled as much as possible, which was very difficult because of the armor impeding some of the moves, these gestures that seemed innocuous few hours earlier, postures which she was so proud as a powerful and agile kunoichi.

A large rigid collar encircled her throat, forcing her to raise her head right towards the horizon, while the screen was flashing strobe way, projecting multicolored flashes that danced in her retinas.

A hinged clamp grabbed her many highlights, including the pale color recalling the cherry blossoms, pulling them backwards to press them on her skull. A device more firmly holding the back, before cutting at the occiput.

"Hypnotic suggestion by sound waves. Reprogramming the target. Scan brain networks, preparation of the neural disruptor."

Two hulls came to her ears, gently following the contour of the pavilion, before being joined together by screws tightened, preventing them from slipping. An unpleasant humming was audible, before turning into a shrill whistle which tortured her eardrums. As she moaned, a large steel brace surrounded her skull and its lower jaw, welding devices together to fix the rigid collar.

- No ! she begged, clenching her teeth, as she could not make a single movement to look away. I am not a robot ! I ... am ... am ...

Sakura seemed frozen, while the living gleam in her malachite eyes seemed extinct. A veil passed on her look, before her iris became dull, while a trickle of saliva slid on her steel chin.

- I ... I am a robot. Removing autonomous settings, she said with a dead voice. Registration of new data.

"Programming registered and accepted. Installing the mask."

While a metal cap decorated with two grooves covered the skull of Kunoichi, only her delicate face remained uncovered. Forceps lifted a convex plate, resembling a dark gray face. The clamp lifted the mask to show it at the prisoner, in an ultimate act of cruelty.

The last conscious thoughts Sakura were horrified by this mask, which would seal his body forever. The mask features were fine, although lacking nose. The black lips slightly parted drew a sweet smile, while the slanted eyes were covered with a piece of glass from a jade hue. The eyebrows were drawn from a dark line, highlighting its beauty.

The plate slipped, fitting into the recesses of the armor, hiding her face on a cold, artificial perfection. A low whistle was heard, because of cold steel against the warm flesh, before a pink helmet down on the skull of Sakura. This ornament was painted pink, contrasting with the gray of the rest of the armor, while the front was fitted with two spikes that reminded the old haircut of the prisoner kunoichi.

"Sealed Armor. Activation of the unit."

The screen suddenly went out, while Sakura heard a voice cold and robotic rise.

- Sexbot enabled. Program execution.

Amazement, she realized this submitted tone was her own voice, muffled by the mask she wore and altered the program which seized her, relegating the remnants of his independence in a corner of his mind, before trampling and bring to submit voluntarily.

The metal arm that held the young woman loosened their grip, releasing the kunoichi. Sakura felt terribly tired, exhausted by the thickness of metal that would outweigh the weight of her original body. The effect of the drug was partially dispelled, but the young woman felt almost unable to move.

The cabinet door is then opened, revealing her room that had absolutely not changed since it was captured by the machine.

"Functional unit, verification instructions. Combat inhibitor enabled. Filter the active personality. Unit output."

Despite the weakness of the flesh, Sakura left the machine without questioning the validity of that order. Perched on her high heels, she walked with a slow, robotic approach, devoid of tremors. Although she looks like a grotesque automaton, now unable to perform certain actions, there was something sensual in this elegant metal creature, cold and submitted.

Then, a person appeared in the shadows, approaching gently the young woman trapped in the armor.

Behind the two jade-way hulls that hid her eyes, Sakura knews perfectly who was hidden in the shadows.

She froze and knelt down, legs slightly apart despite the stresses exerted by the armor. She kept her arms close to her chest, raising her forearms and hands to the sky, in a silent prayer to a deity, before losing.

The woman felt the armored flexible blades penetrate the flesh of the corset, but she continued her movement, without making the slightest protest, until the large breasts added to her armor touch her legs.

- In report, she said with her subdued voice. AI : control at 75%. The unit now responds to the name of Slave Sakubot. The holding is hermetically sealed, all systems are operational. Sakubot slave is ready to use, Master.

From the shadows, the master susnommed stepped forward. Smiling, he put his hand on the helmet of his slave, caressing the warm metal with a dominating gesture, as if he touched the head of a docile dog.

- Well, he hissed. Not so proud now. You've always been so weak, but now you've found your place in this world.

- Yes, master, she replied with a dedicated and fanatical tone. I was an idiot, all I want is to please and obey my master. I no longer have to worry about responsibility, became slave Sakubot is the best thing that ever happened to me, master.

- Well, you are ready, he commanded. Tomorrow you'll go ask Tsunade for your removal from active duty and you come live with me. But meanwhile, let's enjoy this night together. We will test some of your new features.

- Yes, master, she begged submissively and mechanical. Slave Sakubot is happy to obey you and she always will.

The manipulator in the shadow allowed himself a smile, while the slave in armor stood up and walked stiffly, showing off her long legs and large breasts, dominating her slim waist.

Clearly, this night was the best he had lived long ago.

Translation of my story, based on the comic created by my friend,
It's my first English story, so help meif you see mistakes.
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synbad2 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
There are a few times where you refer to Sakura as he/him/his
lusaphira Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
Hum, some typos I havn't seen during the translation.
Ninja-Jedi Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
What about her ability to have children?
lusaphira Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
Well, she could have children. She justs needs some ajustments on her suit to keep the child safe. Hum ... a pregnant woman in a robot suit. It could be an interesting design.
Ninja-Jedi Featured By Owner May 23, 2016
I'd be interested in seeing Naruto women like that
lusaphira Featured By Owner May 24, 2016
Well ... I will not write it !
Ninja-Jedi Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2016
lusaphira Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016
But I can write another things. If you have suggestions or ideas, send me an MP.
Ninja-Jedi Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
gave you a bit of an idea for a new fic
lusaphira Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
Not really. I didn't know what to write. Well, I have some ideas, but I don't know what do you want. So, if you have a precise idea, just a scene, a line of dialogue, a context, I'll take it !
(2 Replies)
Hadro64 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016
From your perspective view, is the real Sakura still deep in there, somewhere? Aware of what is going on around her, and what is happening to her? Or is her mind completely overwritten, and her person gone?

If the real one is still in there, how do you think she will experience this? Delightful experience or horror?

Will she keep feeling the heaviness of the armor, and the squeeze of the corset? Do the sanitary devices include vibrators, and will she have the "pleasure" of getting overwhelming stimulation from these vibrators + nipple stimulators?

And for how long do you think she will be locked inside, before anyone lets her out?
lusaphira Featured By Owner Edited Feb 21, 2016
Hum, many questions, but I will try to answer.

For me, the real Sakura is there, in a little piece of her mind. She have no power, restained in her own body. She is still conscious of everything, but she can't do anything. All the orders are absolute for her, even if she didn't want obey, she can't resist. Her mind isn't completly overwritten.

However, she will accept her fate. She is absolutely horrified, but she haven't any other issue. It could take several weeks or months, but she will break. Sealed in a steel cocoon, she will progressivly lose any hope and surrender to her fate. So, the horror will change in pleasure, when she accepts her new purpose as a sexbot.

In the armor, her nerves aren't altered, and parts of her brain wasn't altered (especially the reflexes and the vital functions, allowing her to be alive). So, she feels really the weight of her heavy armor, especially for her big chest. The corset is really tight, it's really painful when she isn't standing vertically (which happens often, when she is on her knees for her master) but the corset is an help for her spine to support her upper armor.
About hygienic devices, they didn't includes vibrators, because only her master could use her. After all, she is now a slave and a sexbot. It's her purpose to give pleasure and is she is allowed to have an orgasm, it's exceptionnal. Sakura is constantly excited by the pressure of her armor, calculated to be unconfortable but not unbearable. She is a little excited, but not enough to be pleasant. Now, she begs to be liberated and sex is now her only reward. The nipple stimulators are another way to give her some pleasure, but not enough to give her an orgasm.

For your last question, I have no clue. She could be locked for an unlimited time duration. She just needs to be washed sometimes and with her chakra and science, her hygiene could be maintened for a long time, even restained. I think she is released twice a month.

I'm currently writing a long sequel, and I think some of your questions will find an answer. Hope you like it.
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